N21 Discovery is the vision of David and Carolyn Fries. Originally formed as the dba Neotechnik 21 with David as the only member, the company evolved into N21 LLC with David, Carolyn and others serving as "Technology Partners". They chose to dissolve the company in 2015, but David and Carolyn continue their mission to enhance the economic quotient of the communities where they live and work through collaborative innovation and entrepreneurial activities.


David holds a B.S. Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh and a M.S. Chemistry from the University of South Florida. He currently works as a Research Scientist with the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Pensacola, Florida. A prolific inventor and entrepreneur, David was a Florida High Tech Corridor Face of Technology in 2015 and named a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors in 2016.


Carolyn holds a B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. She currently works in Technology Transfer for the Doolittle Institute, supporting the Air Force Research Labs Munitions Directorate. Carolyn was named a Florida High Tech Face of Technology in 2008 and was honored as a Purdue University Outstanding Mechanical Engineer in 2011.


In addition to their "day jobs", they remain involved in two companies: Spyglass Technologies in Saint Petersburg, Florida and Guided Particle Systems Inc. in Pensacola, Florida.


Their greatest accomplishment? Four fabulous children: Zachary, Connor, Thea and Harrison.





Voda LLC & Bioplex Technologies: Chemical and biological sensors & services for marine applications; now Spyglass Technologies (link above)


Intelligent Micro Patterning: Maskless Photolithography equipment & services; now Advanced Micro Patterning, a division of RAVE N.P.


Guided Particle LLC: Directed thin film printing at atmospheric pressure; reinvented in 2016 as Guided Particle Systems Inc.


SciFlies: 501(c)(3) non profit crowdfunding for scientific research; evolved into The Thunderdome Project


The Outdoor Learning Cloud(OLC) Project: In 2010, N21 LLC received a $5000 grant from the City of Pittsburgh to develop an outdoor learning environment in Schenley Park.